Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Once upon a fall evening


Now is the time of fear

The kind that is incessant
Shooting off their mouths and puffing up
The kind that has the political
Talkin all two faced and corrupt

The kind that has the timid
Thinking there's always room for compromise
And that if one says maybe could be and probably
Enough...maybe it isn't a lie

The kind that pretends if you walk away
And take a while to come back
Everybody has to act like you never
Betrayed them or stabbed them in the back

9:52 am



I hope and pray

That the worst part of Hell
Is reserved for those who went along
Who minimized it and triviliazed it
As the demons coaxed their songs

Out of the blood curdling crys
And low sobbing moans
Of the aching and the suffering
Of those who were made to feel alone

Because the gutless and the shallow
Chose convenience over responsibility
And comfort was drawn from numbess
While shunning those

Who would but seek to truthfully see

10:18 pm



What again is it

That makes them not hear
When the volume and the content
Were indeed spoken clear

Like a woman isn't using you
If she's cold as ice
And a whore isn't a whore
As long as you pay her price

And an idiot isn't an idiot
As long as they can make you agree
And man oh man don't they lose it
If you tell them truthfully

What you see

10:55 pm

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