Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do people lower themselves

I appreciate your bravery. I weary of the world's pettiness and of those who engage in the attempts at personal destruction rather than an honest debate. The spector of gossip spurred on by motives of arrogance and audacity are eating away at the heart of human endeavor. I see you make your efforts. I see others who openly try to address wrongs, rights and solutions. Humbly do I bear witness.

How do people lower themselves
To where they have no sense of shame
No sense of accountability or responsibility
And actually pride themselves on shifting blame

The lust for temporal shallow power
Can cast a shadow upon the soul
And it is indeed an ugly thing
When the only answer is

More and more control

It leaves no room for honor
When fear is used to rule the day
When kindness is seen as weakness
And there is no sense of fair play

How do people lower themselves
To being lead around by the nose
By those who charm you to disarm you
But still remain decency's foes

They are practiced at false smiles
They relish their deliberate manipulations
They are the snakes in the garden
Coiling about filled with self justifications

9:40 am
transcribed this time
5:26 pm


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