Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silly girls and less than public conversations


That Sarah Palin is stupid
Boy that Bill Maher is funny
Drugs are a victimless crime
And maybe it's sort of about money

Did you hear about the concerts
At the White House and who attends
Man that Obama is cool isn't he
He has the greatist friends

Let's don't call it amnesty
But in reality that's what we seek
Let's call those whites racists
Every time they open their mouth to speak

There's enough stupid apologists
Among them that that will work
We can turn them against themelves
With those useful idiot jerks

The news is on our side
Watch what they focus on
They are the fifth column
And will be our willing pawns

Come on everybody
Gather up your drugs and guns
Let's flood across the borders
And have some revolutionary fun

9:12 am
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What's your sign..

No virginia....

They're not all carrying leafblowers
Some are monsters and thugs
Some of them are smugglers
Bringing in money guns and drugs

They're not all innocent waifs
Looking for a better way
A lot of them belong to gangs
And bring their darknes to our days

They're not merely undocumented
Yearning to be free
They are invaders from down South
And commonly steal identities

Dui's murders and violent crime
Overcrowded prisons as well
Than idiots promote early release
And it's making me mad as Hell

10:45 am
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maybe when

Maybe when there's no place to run
Maybe when there's no place to hide
Maybe that would be the best time
To step up and decide

To deal with it all one on one
To deal with it body mind and heart
Maybe straight up out of the gates of fate
Would be a good place to make a fresh start

When this life is leading but to
Where it is that no one can deny
That the truth always leads us back to
What we saw with our own eyes

Between betrayl and the Winter wind
Which is it that is more cold
Again and again we must look within
To find the time to find our soul

9:04 am
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Open minded tolerant women

Will beat you and
And then tell you you're to blame
Open minded women will love you
And accidently call you another man's name

Open minded tolerant women
Are all around you every day
And on their best behavior
Till they figure you're in the way

Or they don't need you
Or they don't like what you do
It's because their humor is so generous
Tolerant means agreeing with their view

Open minded tolerant women
Protect other women from having to think
The soft tyranny of low expectations
Can really come to put a stink on pink

Aren't open minded tolerant women wonderful
Aren't they just the best this society can create
Why have an open honest and fair debate
When you can just win by saying

The guy is just going to
Brow beat intimidate and dominate

9:37 am
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