Sunday, October 24, 2010

Open minded tolerant women

Will beat you and
And then tell you you're to blame
Open minded women will love you
And accidently call you another man's name

Open minded tolerant women
Are all around you every day
And on their best behavior
Till they figure you're in the way

Or they don't need you
Or they don't like what you do
It's because their humor is so generous
Tolerant means agreeing with their view

Open minded tolerant women
Protect other women from having to think
The soft tyranny of low expectations
Can really come to put a stink on pink

Aren't open minded tolerant women wonderful
Aren't they just the best this society can create
Why have an open honest and fair debate
When you can just win by saying

The guy is just going to brow beat and intimidate

9:37 am

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